Swimming Pool and Water Safety for Children

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Swimming Pool and Water Safety for Babies and Children

Swimming is the most popular summertime activity for children, according to the American Red Cross. But sadly, drowning is the leading cause of death for American children younger than 5. And according to emergency room doctors, children are more likely to drown in a backyard pool than in any other body of water.

A group might gather poolside for a party or other social event, but if no one is watching the children, it can result in tragic consequences. To avoid such needless danger, it is imperative that parents take necessary precautions whenever their children are in or near the water.

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Is BPA More Dangerous During Pregnancy? And Where Does the BPA Controversy Stand Now?


The controversy over Bisphenol A, or BPA, continues, as heated as it was in 2008, when reports about possible health consequences to humans from long-term exposure followed reviews of many scientific studies.

What Is BPA?

BPA is a solid, colorless chemical used to make many kinds of plastics, and to make the sealant or liner on the inside of food and beverage cans. BPA is used to harden plastics, though it’s also found in some plastic sandwich bags and plastic cling wrap.

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How Can You Baby-Proof Your Kitchen and Sitting Room?

There is no better alternative to keeping your infant safe than close supervision but why not limit any possible dangers to an absolute minimum? Your baby relies totally on you to keep her safe so to help you with that most important responsibility here is some advice to make your home safer. Your little one will undoubtedly soon be utilizing her natural curiosity to begin exploring her environment. It is sensible to assess the rooms in your house one by one. Something at first glance that may seem harmless to you could in fact pose a risk to your inquisitive infant. Read More