The Dangers of Hidden Chemicals in Skincare and Grooming Products for Babies

Though things often appear not to improve fast enough, concerned citizens and scientists in the industrialized countries of our planet are gradually compelling governing bodies to take concrete steps to curb the toxic chemicals all around us, be they in our foods, the soil, the air, or the water. But interestingly, the area of cosmetics (defined as grooming, skincare and make-up products) — and the toxic chemicals in them — have remained, until recently, virtually a “no man’s land.” The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (an arm of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA) estimates that close to 900 of the chemicals used in cosmetics are toxic! Research by the Environmental Working Group, an alliance of scientists, engineers, policy experts and lawyers, with several offices nationwide, found that, with the exception of products made by small companies in the fast-growing natural products sector, nearly all personal care products contain Read More

Do I Have Infectious or Non-Infectious Mastitis?

If your breast tissue is red, swollen and painful it could be Mastitis. It most commonly occurs in breastfeeding women and is also known as puerperal mastitis or lactation mastitis. You can have the condition and not be breastfeeding but it is rarer and mastitis typically affects just one breast. If you are suffering from this condition you may be experiencing flu-like symptoms like a high temperature, chills and aches. Read More

Staying On The Ball!

You may be one of the many pregnant women who use a birthing ball to exercise and strengthen your back. Unfortunately, most do not utilize the benefits of their birthing balls until they have gone into labor. Midwives recommend birthing balls to pregnant women because they encourage you to maintain good posture by balancing on them. By sitting on the ball you are forced to sit properly so that your back is well aligned and this relieves your back of pressure which is especially helpful later on in your pregnancy. Birthing balls are sometimes used to encourage your unborn baby to move into the correct position enabling you to be more comfortable during labor. You often see them in maternity wards. Read More

Choosing a Doctor for Your Baby

For new parents, the early stages of pregnancy are all about keeping the mother healthy and preparing for labor. You might be so preoccupied with these concerns that you forget about the years of parenting that will follow the birth. While some tasks can be saved until later, there is one thing that must be taken care of as early as possible: finding a doctor for the baby. Parents should start thinking about this early in the pregnancy, and it is best to have a doctor chosen by the seventh or eight month.

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Dummies, pacifiers, comforters or soothers have been used by mothers for centuries to soothe and calm their babies. There is a dummy debate that has been going for a long time as whilst there are some parents who feel they couldn’t live without them, there are other parents who detest them.

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Baby Birthmarks

About four out of five babies will have a birthmark of some kind. Some fade away and others remain for life. They are areas of skin which are discoloured and are visible from birth or appear in the first few weeks of the baby’s life. The two main types of birthmarks are pigmented and vascular.

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