Tips to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Every baby is different, so it’s only natural for some to have a more difficult time with nighttime sleep than others. Some babies take to it very well and at a very young age are able to sleep through the night with only the occasional wakeup. Others, however, require a lot of patience and guidance in order to get to point where they can sleep all night. But in every case, there are things parents can do to make things easier for the baby as well as for themselves. If your baby has trouble sleeping through the night and you are ready to move to the next stage, Read More

Encouraging Your Toddler to Stay In Bed

Once your children are tucked up and asleep in bed it means that Mummy and Daddy get some precious ‘me time’. A successful and well established bedtime routine ensures sleep filled nights for your little ones so that they function well through the day and also you and your partner has time to relax. Your family’s bedtime routine is the foundation of all your other routines so it has to be working correctly. Read More

The Bare Necessities for Newborns & Parents

Preparing for your newborn baby arriving can be overwhelming so here is a guide to getting the essential gear required for those first few weeks. The list can seem endless once you think about what you might need; pushchairs, cots, nappies, blankets. Here I will try and cut through the confusion and give you a guide to the top ten necessities as chosen by mothers and in a budget friendly way. Read More

Baby Napping: 7 Tips for Optimizing the Little One’s Sleep

Napping seems like such an ordinary thing, but to parents of young children it is a constant concern and often a source of anxiety. We know that getting the maximum amount of sleep possible is good for a child, yet the child is obviously not aware of this, and many seem to naturally resist being put down for naps. Some babies fuss, wake up frequently, and are unpredictable in when and how they like to nap. These are all simple facts of being a parent. And while you cannot stop nap troubles entirely, what you can do is minimize the difficulties. Read More

Baby Will Not Sleep Through the Night? Try These Strategies

In the first few months of a baby’s life, it is perfectly natural for the infant to wake regularly throughout the night for feeding or just to be snuggled. But there comes a time-usually after four to six months-when the baby is ready to begin sleeping through the night. It requires work and patience on the part of the parents, however, and the reality is that many babies never consistently sleep through the night until they are a year or two old. Read More

Infant Napping: Everything You Need to Know

By Jamell Andrews Everyone knows that babies spend a great deal of time napping, but many new parents are surprised by just how much of their time and energy will be devoted to fostering the baby’s naps. Getting a baby to nap regularly and on a set schedule is an immensely appealing idea to new parents who want a little predictability in their lives. But unfortunately, given that newborns’ sleep patterns tend to be unpredictable and may stay that way for several months, it is important to accept that it may be quite a while before your baby has set nap times. Read More

Getting an Infant to Sleep: Strategies for Parents

When it comes to getting an infant to sleep, there are many factors that parents have to balance. They have to balance the child’s personality and preferences with the recommendations of doctors and parenting guides-and these two things are seldom perfectly aligned. They have to balance the child’s sleep schedule with their own schedules. They have to figure out how to regulate the child’s naps so that he or she sleeps the proper amount during the night. And in addition to these issues, there may be other, unexpected factors that come into play. All in all, figuring out how to give your child healthy sleep is one of the biggest challenges of the first several months of parenting.

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Hunger is Not Why Babies Wake up at Night

For new parents, sleep can seem like a rare and priceless asset. During the early months, babies can be very unpredictable in their sleeping habits, and they wake at all hours, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Many pants find that their infants settle down and sleep more predictably after the first couple of months, but then things get rough again a little later, usually between the ages of 6 and 10 months. No one is sure exactly why this happens, and research has not made it clear. However, it is likely that frequent wakeups at this age result from a variety of factors. Here are a few of the most common ones.

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