Allowing Your Toddler to Explore, Safely

The toddler years—usually thought of as age one to age three—are an exciting time for children and parents alike. At around age one, babies come to understand that the world is full of interesting places to explore and objects to examine, and the drive to learn and experience at this age is powerful. For parents, while it is fun to watch your child explore, there is also Read More

The Perils of Meconium

Meconium is your baby’s first poo! It has the consistency of treacle, it is odourless and unlike later offerings it is sterile. It is very dark and almost impossible to wipe clean. Meconium consists of water, mucus, amniotic fluid, lanugo which is downy baby hair and also intestinal epithelial cells. For most babies it is just their first poo (one of many!) and means a very gooey first nappy but in some cases it can be a cause for concern. Read More