Study Finds Induced Labor No Riskier to Mother and Baby than Natural Labor

Labor or Labor

By Jamell Andrews

Mothers-to-be generally hope to have a natural birth; giving birth when it’s time rather than having to be induced. From old wives tales to warnings about the risks of induced labor to mother and baby, the idea of an induced labor has been a cause of anxiety for expectant mothers. A recent Tel Aviv University study, has found that there is little justification for those fears because induced labor carries no more risk than spontaneous delivery.

The Study

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Benefits of Natural Third Stage in Labor


Natural (“Physiological”) Third Stage in Child Birth

You may have heard about the controversy regarding what the best time is, to clamp and cut the umbilical cord once an infant is born. And you may have also heard about delivering the placenta the natural way, by letting it detach and drop down all on its own, without anyone pulling on the cord.

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Pros and Cons of Water Birth

Water Births

What Are the Pros and Cons of Water Birth?

Far too many mothers know firsthand the frequent pitfalls of giving birth in a regular hospital, on a bed. The pain can be excruciating, often prompting women to use hospital-administered drugs. The baby can take many hours to come. An episiotomy may be performed. The obstetrician may rupture the amniotic sac with a stick in an attempt to speed up a slow labor; but tearing the amniotic membrane can lead to other complications.

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Recent Guidelines Discourage C-Sections Due to Risks for Mother and Baby

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published new guidelines that strongly discourage cesarean sections unless they are medically indicated, on grounds that they can lead to complications for the mother as well as the newborn. The report was published in the organization’s March, 2013 edition of its journal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and appears online on ACOG’s website.

The group states that vaginal deliveries should be the norm, and that every attempt should be made to avoid early cesarean deliveries. The recommendations are an attempt to reduce the skyrocketing rate of cesarean sections, by limiting “maternal-request” C-sections and early deliveries for presumed big babies.

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How Can I Help My Baby Into An Anterior Position?

Have you heard of OFP which is optimal fetal positioning? This is a technique to encourage your baby into an anterior position by changing your posture especially when you are in a sitting down position. What you are trying to do when using this technique is tilt your pelvis forward, not backwards so if you are in a sitting position, always make sure that your knees are lower than your hips. To help you, try these following tips: Read More

Best Position for Your Baby

Are you wondering which position your baby should be in close to your due date? The head-down position is the one that usually means an easier and shorter labour. Your baby’s head is down with the back of her head just towards the front of your tummy and this is known as the anterior position. By the end of your pregnancy your baby is most likely to have found this position. In this position your little one will be snugly fitting into the curve of your pelvis and once you are in labour your baby curls her back over and tucks her chin into her chest. If your baby gets into the anterior position then your labour Read More

Ideas for Naturally Inducing Labour

Premature birth may worry you as it worries most expectant parents but becoming overdue can also bring its own concerns and difficulties. As you become larger, sleeping can become more challenging. It becomes increasingly more difficult to get into a comfortable position as does breathing as your lungs become more crowded due to your overgrown uterus. If your baby stays in too long then there are risks associated with this, most commonly that your baby could pass meconium. If you find yourself overdue and are seeking advice to naturally help induce labour then the following is a list of ideas to do exactly that. Read More