Is Your Child Growing Normally?

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By Lisa Pecos

Whether a child is growing like a weed or fitting into the same size they did the previous season; parents can’t help but wonder if their child is growing normally. Let’s take a look at what’s normal and what isn’t throughout the stages of your child’s life.

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Reflexes in Newborns

Reflexes Babies Are Born with

Babies come into the world helpless and completely dependent on others to protect them and care for them. That much, we all know. But it turns out that newborns come equipped with a number of instincts — reflexes that will help insure a baby’s survival from the start, even before the infant has had a chance to learn how to do anything. Doctors test reflexes as a way to assess how well infants’ nervous systems are developing.

Most newborn reflexes start fading by the second month, and they’ve generally disappeared by the fourth month. Doctors caution that if baby reflexes continue beyond the fourth to sixth month, parents should tell that to their pediatrician, as it could possibly indicate that there is a neurologic concern.

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Baby’s First Steps: When Should it Happen, and What Can Parents Do?

The weeks before and after a baby’s first birthday are a momentous time, with milestones happening on what seems like a daily basis. Perhaps the most exciting milestone in this period is learning to walk, and if you read the parenting books and magazines, you have probably heard that this is supposed to happen around the first birthday. So when the first birthday passes and the baby does not seem close to walking, many parents are Read More

Hunger is Not Why Babies Wake up at Night

For new parents, sleep can seem like a rare and priceless asset. During the early months, babies can be very unpredictable in their sleeping habits, and they wake at all hours, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Many pants find that their infants settle down and sleep more predictably after the first couple of months, but then things get rough again a little later, usually between the ages of 6 and 10 months. No one is sure exactly why this happens, and research has not made it clear. However, it is likely that frequent wakeups at this age result from a variety of factors. Here are a few of the most common ones.

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