Troubleshooting: How to Communicate with a Toddler

Toddler Communication

By Jamell Andrews

Having a toddler can be frustrating. When they need something, they don’t yet have the vocabulary to express their needs in a way you understand as a mom. This can lead to a series of battles you may not even need to fight in the first place.

There are a couple of ways you can handle communication in a way they can understand, and it will make your life as a parent so much easier.


6 Things about Newborns That Freak You Out but Don’t Need To

By Lisa Pecos

As a new parent, you’re going to see and experience all kinds of things that you never have before, which can be both exciting and a little scary all at once. Chances are you’ll notice every last little thing about your new bundle of joy and some of these things may freak you out, for lack of a better term. While being alert and aware of potential issues is a good thing as a new parent, knowing what not to worry about can help make this special time a little easier.


Texas Baby Was Born Twice

New born baby

By Eirian Hallinan

A baby in Texas was born or the second time recently, 12 weeks after having had surgery to remove a tumor.

The mother, Margaret Boemer, of Plano, Texas, went in for what was supposed to be a routine ultrasound at 16 weeks only to be told that her unborn baby had sacrococcygeal teratoma. Though sacrococcygeal teratoma is the most common type of tumor in newborns, it is actually a rare condition that affects only one in every 35,000 births.


Study Finds Induced Labor No Riskier to Mother and Baby than Natural Labor

Labor or Labor

By Jamell Andrews

Mothers-to-be generally hope to have a natural birth; giving birth when it’s time rather than having to be induced. From old wives tales to warnings about the risks of induced labor to mother and baby, the idea of an induced labor has been a cause of anxiety for expectant mothers. A recent Tel Aviv University study, has found that there is little justification for those fears because induced labor carries no more risk than spontaneous delivery.

The Study


Teething Symptoms and Remedies

baby crying teething

By Jamell Andrews

As sweet a first milestone as baby’s first tooth may be, teething can be hard on both parents and baby. Some babies make it through teething with next to no symptoms, while others don’t have it quite so easy and experience all of the common signs of teething. Knowing what the signs and symptoms are and what to do about them can make teething easier on your baby and you.