6 Things about Newborns That Freak You Out but Don’t Need To

By Lisa Pecos

As a new parent, you’re going to see and experience all kinds of things that you never have before, which can be both exciting and a little scary all at once. Chances are you’ll notice every last little thing about your new bundle of joy and some of these things may freak you out, for lack of a better term. While being alert and aware of potential issues is a good thing as a new parent, knowing what not to worry about can help make this special time a little easier.

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Are Noise Machines Safe to Use for Babies?


A new study shows that noise machines, used to help babies fall asleep, can harm infants when played at loud volumes and used too frequently.

Researchers at the University of Toronto tested 14 popular machines that make either ‘white noise’ or nature sounds and are marketed for babies, to lull infants to sleep or drown out noises while babies sleep.

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5 Tips for Helping your Toddler Sleep

For toddlers, sleep is rarely a simple thing. Toddlers are growing so fast, both mentally and physically, that any given sleep pattern rarely lasts longer than a few weeks, and parents have to make continuous adjustments. Sometimes it can feel like a game of catch-up where you are always lagging behind. Meanwhile, toddlers are excited to explore the world and play, and they often do not want to stop doing this even when they are falling over with sleepiness. In short, unless your child is Read More

A Little Bit About Baby Sleep

As you get older you sleep less and less. Babies need the most sleep of all and on average babies up to three months old will require twice as much sleep as their parents. Unfortunately this is not in one nice long stretch during the night because they need to wake to feed. On average, you will probably find that your baby will sleep in blocks of Read More

Encouraging Your Toddler to Stay In Bed

Once your children are tucked up and asleep in bed it means that Mummy and Daddy get some precious ‘me time’. A successful and well established bedtime routine ensures sleep filled nights for your little ones so that they function well through the day and also you and your partner has time to relax. Your family’s bedtime routine is the foundation of all your other routines so it has to be working correctly. Read More

The Bare Necessities for Newborns & Parents

Preparing for your newborn baby arriving can be overwhelming so here is a guide to getting the essential gear required for those first few weeks. The list can seem endless once you think about what you might need; pushchairs, cots, nappies, blankets. Here I will try and cut through the confusion and give you a guide to the top ten necessities as chosen by mothers and in a budget friendly way. Read More

Baby Napping: 7 Tips for Optimizing the Little One’s Sleep

Napping seems like such an ordinary thing, but to parents of young children it is a constant concern and often a source of anxiety. We know that getting the maximum amount of sleep possible is good for a child, yet the child is obviously not aware of this, and many seem to naturally resist being put down for naps. Some babies fuss, wake up frequently, and are unpredictable in when and how they like to nap. These are all simple facts of being a parent. And while you cannot stop nap troubles entirely, what you can do is minimize the difficulties. Read More

Baby Will Not Sleep Through the Night? Try These Strategies

In the first few months of a baby’s life, it is perfectly natural for the infant to wake regularly throughout the night for feeding or just to be snuggled. But there comes a time-usually after four to six months-when the baby is ready to begin sleeping through the night. It requires work and patience on the part of the parents, however, and the reality is that many babies never consistently sleep through the night until they are a year or two old. Read More