Cleansing Delicate Areas

All of baby’s skin is delicate, but some of it is even more so and needs extra care. The folds under the arm should be tended to carefully and only patted dry after the bath, not rubbed. Under the neck is a delicate area and is often prone to rash due to baby’s dribbling making it moist. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly but gently and patted dry too. (more…)

Caring for Baby’s Skin

All babies have delicate skin but the skin of the newborn is the most delicate. No harsh soap or other cleanser is needed for bathing, but water only. However, most mothers use some brand of baby wipes for cleansing the nappy area. This has been formulated especially for babies and doesn’t seem to hurt them at all. And it is certainly more convenient than using a dish of water with a washer. (more…)

Bathing the New-Born Baby

Bathing the new born baby need not be seen as an intimidating or stressful time. Little babies need to be kept clean and fresh; otherwise they develop that stale milky smell that is not altogether pleasant.  Bathing your new born will make him or her feel refreshed and happy, just like it does for children and adults. Babies often settle down and have a great sleep after their bath. (more…)