Health Benefits of Playing Music for Your Baby

Baby Music

By Jamell Andrews

For years we’ve heard various theories about what music does for babies. We have heard that playing classical music for babies makes them smarter and that music lessons for infants is beneficial. As many different theories and studies as there are, what they all have in common is that music has its benefits, even if just to put a smile on your baby’s face or to help calm and soothe them.

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What Are Good Exercises to Do Before Getting Pregnant?

Not long after giving birth, many modern moms get busy getting their figures back through regular exercising; after all, new moms tend to have excess abdominal fat and stretched-out skin. Both of these improve or go away with regular exercising.

But what about before birth? Is there any benefit to pre-pregnancy exercising, in preparing the body for pregnancy and subsequent delivery?

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The Best Exercises to Do After Having a Baby and How Long Should You Wait?

Giving birth means your body has just gone through a major physically traumatic event.

You want to wait at least two months or longer, before you start doing any abdomen-tightening exercises. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises that it’s okay to start with light, low-impact aerobic activity such as walking and stretching exercises, within days of giving birth, if you had a normal pregnancy and vaginal delivery. Start slowly, and as you feel more up to it, increase the length of your exercise routine or its frequency.

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At What Age Can Babies Understand What Others Are Thinking?

A new study shows that babies as young as 19 months can guess what other people are thinking! Scientists previously believed that the ability understand what others think developed at a later age.

Researchers from UCLA studied a group of around 90 children from three different communities, in rural China, the Fiji islands, and Ecuador. The youths ranged in age from 19 months to about 5 years.

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Staying On The Ball!

You may be one of the many pregnant women who use a birthing ball to exercise and strengthen your back. Unfortunately, most do not utilize the benefits of their birthing balls until they have gone into labor. Midwives recommend birthing balls to pregnant women because they encourage you to maintain good posture by balancing on them. By sitting on the ball you are forced to sit properly so that your back is well aligned and this relieves your back of pressure which is especially helpful later on in your pregnancy. Birthing balls are sometimes used to encourage your unborn baby to move into the correct position enabling you to be more comfortable during labor. You often see them in maternity wards. Read More