Baby Napping: 7 Tips for Optimizing the Little One’s Sleep

Napping seems like such an ordinary thing, but to parents of young children it is a constant concern and often a source of anxiety. We know that getting the maximum amount of sleep possible is good for a child, yet the child is obviously not aware of this, and many seem to naturally resist being put down for naps. Some babies fuss, wake up frequently, and are unpredictable in when and how they like to nap. These are all simple facts of being a parent. And while you cannot stop nap troubles entirely, what you can do is minimize the difficulties. Read More

Baby Will Not Sleep Through the Night? Try These Strategies

In the first few months of a baby’s life, it is perfectly natural for the infant to wake regularly throughout the night for feeding or just to be snuggled. But there comes a time-usually after four to six months-when the baby is ready to begin sleeping through the night. It requires work and patience on the part of the parents, however, and the reality is that many babies never consistently sleep through the night until they are a year or two old. Read More

Infant Napping: Everything You Need to Know

By Jamell Andrews Everyone knows that babies spend a great deal of time napping, but many new parents are surprised by just how much of their time and energy will be devoted to fostering the baby’s naps. Getting a baby to nap regularly and on a set schedule is an immensely appealing idea to new parents who want a little predictability in their lives. But unfortunately, given that newborns’ sleep patterns tend to be unpredictable and may stay that way for several months, it is important to accept that it may be quite a while before your baby has set nap times. Read More