Baby Gear to Make Life Easier

All mums know that a pram, car seat and highchair are indispensable items to make life with baby a great deal easier. However there is some other baby gear that can also become just as necessary. While these things are not indispensable, they will certainly make life a great deal easier in some way.

If you are out much with baby, you may find a clip-on snack tray that fits the pram is one handy gadget. This will save looking around for a highchair and you will be able to have your own meal while baby has his – both in comfort.

For mums on the go, an inflatable bed for baby will keep him off the damp ground and provide a comfy and safe place for a nap. With pop-up frame and zips all round, this little bed can be used both inside and out.

If you have had the unhappy experience of frantically hunting for a restroom while your toddler holds on – and often cannot hold on any longer – you will love the portable potty seat that uses disposable liners. It is easy to carry and the liners use scented absorbent pads to prevent leaks and smells.

Some mums can’t do without their baby slings. If you find getting that pram out and about too hard to manage, taking baby in a sling might be the answer. There are various kinds so get one that distributes baby’s weight evenly over your shoulders and back.

Simple and cheap, basic bowls with suction cap on the bottom will stop many food spills. Get one with a bottom section to fill with warm water – it keeps food warmer for longer.

Baby sleeping bags are ideal for those babies who seem to wriggle free of blankets and sheets. You can get them made of soft, warm material for the colder weather or of thin cotton for those warmer nights that turn cool. Winter ones have hoods and mittens – some meant for summer months have no sleeves. Mum and bub can both sleep in peace.

Many mums now buy a baby monitor to ensure they know if their baby stops breathing. Getting one with two receivers makes them doubly safe. You can keep one in the main bedroom and the other out in the TV room.
Another great idea for the nursing mother is an adjustable rocker and gliding footstool. Feeding baby may be the only time you get to put your feet up. Make the best of it with a comfortable seat and footstool to match.

Nearly every mother has heard of the bouncinette, but if you haven’t, baby will love one. He can rock and bounce to his heart’s content and will often put himself to sleep in it. He can watch what is going on too as it is rather like a hammock on a slope.

Finally, if you like to keep baby in the same bedroom you can get a snug little co-sleeper that attaches to the side of your own bed, yet provides a snug nest for baby to sleep in. No chance that you will roll on him and you can draw him close for feeding without even getting up.